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E. Guittard is the artisan line of chocolates made by Guittard Chocolate Company. It is named to honor company founder, Etienne Guittard.

E. Guittard chocolates use only all natural ingredients, such as pure cane sugar, real vanilla beans and full cream milk in the case of milk chocolate. They are also free of any genetically modified ingredients (GMO Free).

They are a top choice among nationally-acclaimed professional pastry chefs. Hear what some of these chefs have to say
about E. Guittard.

All E. Guittard chocolates are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

Please see our statement on allergens or contact us directly for further information.

Shipping Suggestions - Guittard guarantees your chocolate will arrive in good condition. We strongly suggest using a business address to receive shipments of chocolate. We can not accept responsiblity for chocolate left outside upon delivery.

E. Guittard products are listed in each section by order of size (smallest to largest), except for samplers, which can be found in their own section.

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